Horses’ secret thoughts

Frédéric Pignon & Magali Delgado

About Horses’ secret thoughts:

A film by Patrick Savey
52 min.

For years now, Frédéric Pignon, Magali Delgado and their horses have traveled all around the world spreading wonder. Never on Earth, have people seen such a luxurious and innovative way of showing the intimate relationship between human beings and equidae. Placing the spectator into a world of creation and imagination, the shows of Frédéric Pignon include equestrian arts, dance, dazzling acrobatics, original live music, giant image projections and virtual decors. After attending one of their shows, people often change their perception of horses. This Patrick Savey film allows us to understand and observe the happy marriage between humanity and animality. This special link created by Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado captured the audience’s attention during each representation.