Cent Notes Sans Filet

About Cent Notes Sans Filet:

Directed by Arthur Cemin
Elise Caron, Edward Perraud, Blaise Merlin, Fantazio, Benjamin Colin, Miguel Benasayag, Akosh S. et Jörg Müller, Grégory Feurté, Médéric Collignon, Marlène Rostaing, Eric Elmosnino, erge Teyssot-Gay, Peter Corser, Nosfell, Marlène Rostaing, Pascal Contet
52 min.
Théâtre des Bouffes-du-Nord

Joëlle Léandre – ambassador of the Nomad Jazz Festival – Interview at La voix est libre : “The whole thing about improvisation is going into the unknown, getting rid of any habitual reflexes, forgetting everything that you know and be taken by surprise by oneself. Henceforth we are able to play music without limits or boundaries. Our musical score is the person in front of us. Our musical score is who we are.”

This Arthur Cemin film shows the public strong emotions, a festive ambiance and joy that are the result of unexpected and unique gatherings which took place at the Boules du Nord Theatre during the Nomad Jazz Festival – La voix est libre.