La Cour de Création


About La Cour de Création:

Un film de Patrick Savey, écrit par Francine Thomas
Daby Touré, Charlie, Lili Ster, Jérôme Musiani, David Manet, Francois Welgryn, 
Celina Ramsauer, Salomé Leclerc, Ariane Marhÿque, Olivia Auclair, Chloé Clerc, 
Emmanuelle Cosso, Sylvain Reverte, Marc Estève, Eric Lablanche
52 min.

Astaffort, a small village in the South of France. Every year, for 15 years now, Francis Cabrel, one of most successful French singer, hosts 15 composers, writers, musicians, singers for 12 days of intense encounters and collaborations.